My name is Edmond Hui and I am a professional Full-stack Software Engineer.

Previously, I was a real estate professional with experience closing deals, driving results, and creative problem-solving in high-stress situations. I've been able to leverage my analytical, creative, and communication skills to successfully transact over 100,000 square feet of commercial space for my clients.

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Currently, I am a software engineer at ExecOnline. I am using functional programming to write clean code to educate the leaders of tomorrow.

Previously, I was a software engineer at Couple. I have experience implementing best practices in website development and delivering innovative technologies using agile processes.

To succeed in my career switch I spent 80 - 100 hours a week learning new technologies and implementing them in projects. I have learned Ruby, Rails, React, JavaScript, and MongoDB, to list a few.


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I am an App Academy alumni, which is an immersive software development course with a focus on full-stack web development, which entailed 1000+ hours of coding.









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E1 Finance

E1 Finance is a clone of an investing platform created by M1 Finance. Users can simulate creating a portfolio and investing using pies to organize and manage their stocks.


Filler AI

Filler is an AI blog article writer that focuses on SEO to rank your website organically.


Dividend Tracker

This site is a work in progress and lets you track your dividends and use AI to optimize your returns



Compound is a vanilla javascript project that matches users with an index fund. Then, it will generate a budget and show the compound interest you would accrue by retirement.



Party is a party planning application built with the MERN stack. With Partyr you can organize parties, social gatherings, and join events with a swipe!


Reddit Synth

Reddit synth pulls data from Reddit and uses the browser voice synthesis to read comments.



Slimy is a homage to one of my favourite flash games called Fishy. Grow your slime by eating enemies and destroy the ecosystem!



E-Card is a game from Kaiji, the anime, built with JavaScript. It is like rock, paper, scissors. Emperor beats civilians. Slave beats emperor. Civilians beat slave.


  • Edmond Hui is a renaissance man and a prodigy. I had the great fortune of welcoming Ed to the Couple team as a Junior developer as we were gearing up to begin development on the CoupleTV POC. Ed was fresh out of coding boot camp and while he impressed me and the team during interviews, I had no idea how lucky we were to have him. We weren’t sure that the experience we wanted to deliver for CoupleTV viewers was possible – 40+ simultaneous video channels, sub-0.5-second latency, deep audience interactivity, thousands of simultaneous viewers, etc. Ed, with his low-key confident composure, built a basic POC in a week and CoupleTV was officially underway. He blew my mind with his problem-solving skills, work ethic, and productivity. In his 16 months with the company, he received two promotions while he developed countless features for a cutting-edge product and acted as an amazing mentor for new Junior Devs joining the team. Ed did this all while building his own projects in his spare time – Coffee Informer, of which I’m a regular customer, an automated article-writing product using advanced AI, and other innovative software. He’s also an accomplished self-taught pianist and has a wide range of skilled hobbies. Ed is destined for amazing things in the months and years to come and I will be forever grateful for the contributions he has made to Couple. Without Ed Hui, there would never be CoupleTV.

    Ryan Beswick
    CEO, Couple
  • If you are wondering if you should hire Ed for your company, the answer should be yes. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Ed as he was just coming out of code school and I was immediately impressed with his raw talent. In the brief time I got to work with him, he exhibited a capability and adaptiveness to challenges which I have not seen in many other developers. He is able to interpret a problem, analyze the issues, research the most effective solution, and implement it in an extremely quick amount of time with rarely any bugs. More importantly, he is able to modify a process quickly and is dedicated to writing clean and manageable code while doing so. Given some more time, Ed will become an excellent Senior Developer and/or CTO at any organization without question. If you want someone who will deliver for you and make sure your processes are bleeding edge, he is the man for you.

    Peter Hogan-De Paul
    Senior Engineer, BIDS Trading
  • It was my absolute pleasure working with Edmond on our MERN stack project, Partyr. He demonstrated ingenuity, humility, commitment to elevating our project, and was nothing short of a perfect team lead. He created a clear line of communication from the backend to the frontend, while regularly providing assistance to both. His persistence to completing challenging tasks, such as implementing our swipe feature, was inspiring and motivating. What I admire most about Edmond is his aptitude for knowledge and learning. His curiosity knows no bounds, he picks up information quickly, and he demonstrated this when in mere hours he had found the necessary resources to implement the chat feature for our app, and completed it in a day. If you have the opportunity to work with him, do so and you will not be disappointed.

    Jasmine Lok
    Software Engineer, Bloomberg LP
  • Edmond is the best team leader and engineer I have ever worked with. During the time of our MERN project, Edmond fully demonstrated his ability in system design and delivered his vision effectively to the whole group. He was constantly aware of everyone's progress, and would spontaneously offer assistance if we are in need. He learned and deployed new technologies in no time. Edmond is hungry for knowledge and challenges and is always going the extra mile to perfect his work. I strongly believe that Edmond would be a precious asset to any team, if not a perfect leader.

    Alexandria Wong
    Software Engineer, Carrot Fertility
  • During the time I had the opportunity to work with Edmond, he has proven himself to be a pioneering and self-driven engineer. Edmond is charismatic, hungry to learn, and adapts quickly to new concepts. Edmond and I collaborated on a MERN stack project and during this time, Edmond’s natural leadership abilities, people skills, and technical expertise resulted in our project placing first in the academy. On another occasion, we participated in a Bloomberg challenge together, placing top 5 and solving most of the challenges provided. Had there been a more generous time constraint, I can confidently say that our team would overcome all the problems. I am completely confident that Edmond will excel in any engineering role and I look forward to working with him on future projects.

    Ray Liang
    Software Engineer


New York, NY, USA

(516) 388-0689